cupon rasca y gana

* This scratchcard costs 2euro. The object of the game is to scratch the coins and the parcels to reveal numbers. Any extra money raised from the sale of these tickets will go towards the organisation selling them.

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The lines are Mano 1, Mano 2 and Mano. There are 2 lotteries, one for Thursday and one for Sunday. You select horse/jockey number 15, it is withdrawn, your new selection is number 14; if you select horse/jockey number 1, your new selection is number.If one or more races (carreras) are cancelled, the winner/s will be selected by the lottery organization, by way. The prize will be between 5 and 820,000euro. The object of this game is to ave descuento estudiantes reveal a higher two dice total in one (or more) of the red sections than in the green section. If the main prize,.e. You can win 6 times per card.

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