dunkin donuts descuento falabella

especially after school/work when people finish for the day they will head to the mall. Has everything you need, from money exchange to restaurants wine! Go direct to second floor and take the discount card for foreigns. Read more, if you are a tourist, head to level1 customer information desk and ask for a tourist passport.

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dunkin donuts descuento falabella

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Great for shopping wine and souvenirs! Tallest building in Latin America. One may find international brands, nice stores and restaurants such as Applebees, Tony Roma's and Johnny Rockets. Make sure you have your passport with you. Really breath taking views.

There are always a lot of people shopping inside, even close to the 10 PM closing time. Big and full of shops but very very busy! There're lots of restaurants also. You'll need your passport number and. It's organized by floors (women, men, electronics). You will get discount in a number of stores and restaurants.